Micros for the Home Chef!

Available in these tasty varieties!

  • arugula                               
  • baby basil
  • bulls blood beet
  • cilantro
  • cutting celery
  • parsley
  • purple daikon radish
  • red amaranth
  • wasabi
  • snowpea shoots
  • snowpea tendrils
  • sunflower greens
  • rainbow blend
  • spicy blend
  • immune booster blend
  • bone builder blend

Super BabiesĀ® Microgreens

A nutritious way to make your ordinary dishes - extraordinary!

Farming Turtles now offers supermarket shoppers our new line of convenient, time-saving Super Babies cut microgreens and baby greens in several tasty varieties!

Since microgreens were introduced a few short years ago, they have become wildly popular among fine chefs as flavorful garnishes. These tiny plants are truly living pieces of art! Microgreens’ colors and shapes are amazing, and their flavors are intense, yet delicate.

Now home cooks are embracing micros as nutritious and delicious toppings for salads, soups, fish, meats and sandwiches. Some are substituting them as a healthy, safe alternative to sprouts.

Almost any food plant can be grown as a micro, and we have fun experimenting with new varieties. Please email us with your ideas for microgreens to grow.

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Super Babies Recipes

For more information about Super Babies microgreens and some tasty recipes download our brochure!